Czech Republic

I haven't heard many people saying they want to travel to Czech Republic. I feel like this country doesn't get enough credit for its beauty. I've been there twice before. First time was last year when I went to the Rally Sprint Prague, the car race took place the whole day so I didn't get the chance to visit the city. Second time was 2 months ago when I had a motorcycle accident right after I crossed the border, so I didn't get to see much of the country either. You know what they say, the third time's a charm, so I got to spend the weekend in one of the most beautiful cities, Cesky Krumlov.

How did I get to the idea of spending the weekend there? I live in Hungary and unfortunately there's not much to see or to do here. During this pandemic most of the countries have restrictions, but not Czech Republic, luckily  is still quite easy to travel there. Here's how to make the most of your weekend:

1. Cesky Krumlov


The center of this city is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage. With its magnificent architecture and aristocratic look is no wonder why this is one of the most popular cities in Czech Republic. The medieval old town wasn't affected by the World War II bombs so you can see how well it preserved its beauty. Right there, in the city center you can find the Cesky Krumlov Castle, built in the 17th century, offering an amazing view over the city. Another thing to do there is to walk round the old streets of the city center, try some of their delicious food, enjoy a glass of wine and visit some of the museums such as the regional, motorcycle, wax or torture museums.The city center is usually crowded with Chinese tourists so this time I was quite lucky. If you're looking for a nice activity there, rafting is your answer. there are rental places for canoe or rafts everywhere around the city and you can book different distance tours and enjoy drifting down the Vltava river . My tour took almost 4 hours and I was given a waterproof bag for all my things and at the end of the tour a car was waiting to take me back to the starting point. I can't describe in words how beautiful this city is, you need to see it by yourself!

2. Lipno nad Vltavou



Lipno, same as Cesky Krumlov, is located along the Vltava river and Lipno Dam forms a beautiful lake perfect for the hot summer days. One of the best things to do there is to visit the Ski Area Lipno. Is a ski resort during winter and a great place to enjoy the nature or do some activities during summer. There's a great tree adventure park and a fun and fast mountain coaster which takes you to a nice area of Lipno. If this is not enough for you, take a chairlift up to the top of the hill and walk around the Treetop Walkway, a spiral wooden pathway which take you up to 40 meters above the hill, for a fantastic view of the surrounding countryside and from there you can slide down a fun spiral tube slide. Take the chairlift back, or rent a mountain bike and ride down the hill using the special trails. Have fun!

3. Vranov nad Dyji


This small town lies on the Dyji river and it's a well known place for swimming and recreation. The Vranov dam formed a  tourist resort around the lake, where people come to enjoy the fresh air, the beautiful scenery, the rocky walls and the beaches. The lake is surrounded by hotels and cottages, but most tourist come to camp in this area. 


You can spend the day  sunbathing, swimming, renting a boat  or doing activities like biking,volleyball, tennis and even bungee jumping from the Pedestrian Footbridge. The bridge is not very high, some people jump in the water without the cord. Could you do it?

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