About me

Hi, there!

Here is something about me:

  • I was born and raised in Arad, a city in Western Romania.
  • I love adrenaline, bungee jumping, dangerous hikes, skydiving, swimming with the sharks, I´ve tried all of them and still wanna do much more. Surprisingly I´ve never broken a bone.
  • My dog´s name is Bijou and my grandparents are taking care of him. Each time I video call them I talk to my dog too.
  • I never plan my trips ahead. I start googling things to do once I´m there. Here is one thing I really need to change.
  • I have a younger sister and there is no one I have more fun, also more arguments than with her,
  • I like airports and airplanes. Once, I missed my flight after the check-in, somehow I forgot I need to go through customs and went to Starbucks instead.
  • I eat a lot. A looot! Especially desserts. Not veggies though, I´m not a big fan.
  • My dream destination is Mexico. I would like to live there a few years.
  • I played volleyball for 6 years and I was quite good at it. Still love it!
  • I spent five years in China and still can´t speak fluent chinese.
  • I don´t have a favorite something (a place, a dish, a color etc.)
  • Everyone says I´m the worst driver they´ve ever met.
  • I get easily bored.