China · 03. October 2020
Wedding traditions in China are something else. Although different, I enjoyed every second of it. Read about the major differences between a countryside wedding and a city wedding

China · 21. July 2020
There are so many things I wish I knew about China before going there. I made a list for you about good and bad situations you might encounter and what you should take in consideration if you plan a trip there!

China · 15. June 2020
If you would have the option to choose between a safe place, surrounded by family, friends and love or going on your own to a place where nothing and nobody is waiting for you, but your instinct is telling you to go with the scariest option, what would you do? Check out what was my experience

China · 03. June 2020
Chinese wedding industry is a gold mine because people are willing to spend a huge amount of money on their dream wedding. Did you know that love and weddings are not really connected there? How difficult is to find a partner, what are the requirements and how far are the parents willing to go to marry their sons and daughters? Read about it in this article!

China · 25. May 2020
How far would you go trying new things? For a picky eater like me China was a real challenge. Read about scorpions, stinky tofu and other weird things I've eaten and how do they taste like

China · 16. May 2020
How much do you know about China? Would you buy chicken feet? Would you stay in or go out every night ?Moving to China I experienced an unfamiliar way of life. It took me some time to get used with people weirdly starring at me, but in the same time I liked to try new things. Check this article and get to know China from inside!

China · 07. May 2020
A first-timer's adventure in Beijing. Here's what you can do in China's capital city for five days with zero knowledge of Chinese language and culture

China · 23. April 2020
In 2015 I left Romania to go to China. Was it love at first sight or I struggled on my first day there? Here's how and why I chose China